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Immigrate to Panama from UK

Immigrate to Panama from UK

In order to immigrate to Panama from UK, a foreign national will need to obtain the status of permanent resident, awarded for economic reasons, labour or demographic reasons (such as family reunification). The application requirements for a residence permit in Panama depend on the permit type and are supported by sufficient and adequate documentation.

Our team specialising in immigration to Panama assists all foreign nationals who wish to apply for a residence permit, including but not limited to UK citizens.

As a general rule, a British national will not require a visa to simply enter Panama. He or she is permitted to enter the state and remain for certain types of purposes (for example, tourism or medical tourism), for a limited time. The situation is different for those whose purpose is to immigrate to Panama from UK, and you can read below about the main conditions below.

If you are already living in the country and have questions about Panama citizenship, our team will also be able to help you address these.

How to become a Panamanian permanent resident

For all those who wish to immigrate to Panama from UK, the main goal is to obtain a residence permit that will allow them to remain in Panama for medium to long-term purposes (subject to permit renewal), and ultimately apply for permanent residency or even citizenship (should they qualify for this status and wish to apply).

The following residency routes are available to British nationals who wish to immigrate to Panama from UK:

  • · Economic purposes: for investments and for the purpose of doing business in Panama, provided that the applicant can invest a minimum amount in real estate, or for mixed investments; these types of permits are subject to conditions;
  • · Employment purposes: for UK nationals who have concluded an employment agreement with a Panamanian employer; intra-company transfers can also apply;
  • · Family reasons: for foreign nationals who have a Panamanian child, as well as those who are reuniting with another family member who is already lawfully living in Panama;
  • · Retirement purposes: for UK citizens who wish to retire to Panama; a minimum and regular income condition applies; retired individuals benefit from discounts for certain types of services in Panama.

Some of the relevant minimum investment amounts for the economic permanent residence permit include the following:

  • – Minimum 300,000 Balboas in real estate investments;
  • – Minimum 160,000 Balboas share capital for investments in a company;
  • – Minimum of 100,000 Balboas in reforestation programs (please note that the reforestation residence permit is subject to certain conditions, as imposed by the Ministry of Environment).

Steps required to move to Panama from UK

Relocating to a new country is a multi-step process that starts with our team will assist you in preparing the needed documentation for your residence permit application. We briefly outline the steps necessary to relocate to Panama below:

  1. Prepare your residence permit specific documents: these include the employment agreement (for labour residence permits), proof of regular and sufficient income (for retirees), proof of complying with the business investment requirements, etc.;
  2. Prepare the general documentation: these documents are required of all residence permit applicants and include identification documents, marriage certificates (if applicable), health certificates (as may be required), and others;
  3. Offer proof of investment: only for those applying for one of the economic investment programs in Panama; proof of the minimum prescribed investment needs to be provided for the purpose of permanent residency in Panama;
  4. Apply: the complete documentation is submitted to the Panamanian Embassy or Consulate; our team will give you more details on the application fees and the normal processing time.

If you are a British investor or are otherwise looking for the optimal way in which you can relocate to Panama from UK, our team is ready to answer your questions about residency, the renewal of the residence permit, and how you can, in time, apply for citizenship.

For more information, including dedicated assistance for investors, or retirees, please do not hesitate to contact our team specialising in immigration to Panama.