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Immigrate to Panama from USA

Immigrate to Panama from USA

To immigrate to Panama from USA, an American citizen will need to apply for and obtain a temporary residence permit for a purpose of stay that is both justifiable (via the needed documents) and suitable for the medium to long-term purposes required for the process of immigration. Such purposes include employment in most cases, but they can also relate to business investments, among others.

If you want to immigrate to Panama from the United States of Americaour team will assist you each step of the way. Relocating to a new country is a multi-step process, during which it is helpful to have the assistance of a local team who can answer your questions.

How to relocate to Panama from the USA

Foreign nationals, including American citizens, have several routes that allow them to reside in Panama for medium to long-term purposes. Generally, these include the following:

  • – Employment: after the applicant has secured employment with a Panamanian employer;
  • – Business: when the applicant is able to make a significant investment in Panama (subject to conditions);
  • – Study: when the applicant has been accepted by a Panamanian university or another recognized educational institution;
  • – Others: included here are family reunification purposes, when the American citizen applying for a residence permit has a family member who is a Panamanian citizen or a permanent resident.

United States of America citizens can enter Panama without a visa and remain in the country for three months. However, for the purpose of immigration, they will need to apply for an adequate residence permit.

We assists not only those looking to open a company in Panama, and therefore reside in the country under a business visa. We can provide information to all applicants interested in applying for a residence permit in Panama.

For foreign nationals who are already in the country and have bene living here lawfully and uninterruptedly for several years, we can answer questions about Panamanian citizenship.

According to Government statistics, 345,216 people have entered Panama in January 2023. Our of this total, most entries were through the Tocumen airport, with others in the following entry points:

  • – 42,578 people entered through the Guabito frontier post;
  • – 37,437 entered the country through Howard airport;
  • –  41,339 people entered Panama through the frontier post at Paso Canoas.

Retire to Panama

For American citizens interested in how to immigrate to Panama from USA for the purpose of retirement, our team offers specialized assistance as soon as you (and your spouse, if applicable) decide to relocate to a Panamanian city permanently.

It is not uncommon for American nationals to choose to retire to a location with pleasant weather and convenient facilities for elderly individuals. Panama is a suitable choice for those who are able to meet the minimum regular income requirement and, in addition to offering a special visa for retirement purposes, retirees also have several other benefits in Panama.

The Panama Pensionado Program offers a number of advantages, among which our team highlights the following:

  • – 25% discount on utility bills;
  • – 30% discount on transportation and 25% on airline tickets;
  • – 20% discount on doctor’s bills and 15% on hospital insurance (if no insurance is applicable);
  • – 10% discount on medicines.

Please note that the list above is not exhaustive. If you would like to know more about the visa that allows retired Americans to immigrate to Panama from USA, our team will give you more details.

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