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Lawyers in Panama

Lawyers in Panama

Investors who wish to open a company in Panama can fully rely on the special incorporation packages offered by our team of local lawyers. With extensive experience in working with foreign clients interested in offshore company formation, our firm offers complete legal services that target not only the actual incorporation process but also other areas of interest to international entrepreneurs, such as trademark registration or immigration laws. 

Our lawyers in Panama are able to offer you personalized legal solutions to any issues you may have whilst doing business in this offshore center. 

 Quick Facts  
Commercial litigation assistance offered by our lawyers in Panama

Legal assistance and court representation for different types of business litigation (shareholder disputes, breach of contract, etc.)

Company formation
in Panama

Information on the suitable business form (onshore and offshore), corporate registration, special permits and licenses


Bank account opening with the help of our lawyers in Panama, business loans, other banking matters
Employment Legal solutions for many types of employee disputes, employee agreement review, lawful dismissals and more
International investments
in Panama
Information on branch and subsidiary registration, representative offices and franchising
Tax matters 

The zero tax policy for companies involved in business outside of the country explained by our team; information on the taxation of other businesses


Assistance for closing a Panamanian company, liquidation proceedings, creditor issues and more

Intellectual property Trademark registration, legal representation in copyright infringement cases and other matters concerning IP rights in Panama
Debt recovery services offered by our lawyers
in Panama
Amicable debt collection followed by legal proceedings, as may be required
Real estate issues Commercial and business property, real estate investments for foreign companies, construction law matters, etc.
Residential conveyancing Property sale and purchase for individuals (residents and foreign nationals) in Panama
Individual employment in Panama Information on the general employment policy, foreign employee rights, legal assistance for unfair dismissals or other issues
Civil litigation Medical malpractice and personal injury cases, intellectual property, defective product cases, etc.
Divorce and family law Divorce, child custody, child maintenance, property division or inheritance disputes, wills
Immigration to Panama Assistance for obtaining the right type of temporary residence permit, permanent residence, citizenship by naturalization
 Company M&A We assist companies in all aspects related to corporate mergers and acquisitions in Panama, special restructurings, legal counsel in important transactions. 

 Licensing assistance

Companies that need to apply for special permits and licenses before they can start their activities can rely on our services for proper licensing applications with the authorities. 

 Legal representation through a power of attorney (Yes/No)


Company liquidation/closure  As part of our corporate services, we also assist dissolved Panamanian companies that need to handle the specific closure/liquidation procedures. 
Criminal Law 

We have relevant experience in many criminal law cases and provide legal guidance and representation in the case of clients who are under investigation or who have been charged with a crime. 

 Shelf company acquisition

 We assist foreign clients who are interested in buying ready-made companies in Panama.

Virtual office services 

For companies that can work remotely, our team can offer more details about the available virtual office services. 


We offer trust formation services in Panama 

 Investment funds

Public and private investment fund creation and compliance assistance. 

 Fiduciary Our corporate fiduciaries ensure the proper management of assets, trust funds, or other forms of investments. 
 Contract law

Our lawyers in Panama can help vet and draft documents, as well as deal with contract enforcement. 


As needed, and as appropriate on a case-by-case basis, we can recommend the use of alternative dispute resolution methods. 

 Data protection law

Legal guidance on the laws that regulate privacy and data protection in the country. 

Reasons to work with us 

Our dedicated team of lawyers in Panama can provide legal solutions in various fields of law, thus approaching your case from various angles, and with attention to its particularities.  

 When to contact us As soon as you have a legal question or are in need of legal court representation in Panama. 

Panama company formation packages offered by our lawyers

Our services target multiple needs that are specific to corporate and individual clients. However, given the fact that Panama is a well-known offshore center, we specialize primarily in Panama incorporation and the laws and regulations that govern this process.

Our Panama lawyers are able to provide the following company formation packages, suited to different needs:

  • • Standard offshore company formation package: Panama is an attractive offshore company location and our basic package includes the complete services related to the incorporation of an offshore company;
  • • Onshore company formation in Panama: for those investors who are interested in trading onshore in Panama, our lawyers also offer assistance for the creation of an onshore corporation;
  • • Shelf company in Panama: legal services for acquiring ready-made offshore companies; our team of Panama lawyers can help with company verification and the legal ownership transfer;
  • • Other corporate services: offshore corporate management services that may include but are not limited to assigning registered agents or dissolving the company if required.

These are some examples of the services we provide in relation to Panama incorporation. Opening an offshore company is straightforward, however, foreign investors are required to follow a number of key steps. Our team of lawyers is here to ensure that you receive high quality services according to the type of company you choose to incorporate and the business field in which you will activate.

Legal services in Panama

Our lawyers in Panama specialize in a number of legal areas apart from Corporate Law. We are able to provide adequate legal services and assistance to investors who are interested in setting up and managing foundations just as well as we are able to advise investors on trademark registration or Maritime Law.

Other main practice areas include the following:

  1. Trusts and foundations in Panama: our team is able to assist investors who are looking for asset management solutions; we can help in the creation of trusts and/or private foundations;
  2. Offshore banking: we can assist investors with complete information on the local banking regulations so that the Panama bank account opening process will be as straightforward as possible;
  3. Trademark registration: we provide legal assistance to investors who are interested in trademark registration with the Panama authorities recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization;
  4. Residency: foreign entrepreneurs who are also interested in residency and immigration can reach out to our immigration lawyers in Panama for information; we can give you details on the options available for those who invest under the Panama citizenship by investment programmes;
  5. Maritime issues: assistance for ship registration and complete legal counsel on the Maritime Law as well as legal aid for managing maritime conflicts.

You can reach out to our team of lawyers specializing in Panama incorporation as well as any of the abovementioned matters for more information on how we can assist. 

Our lawyers in Panama also assist individuals who are interested in submitting applications for acquiring Panama citizenship by naturalization. The process is fairly straightforward if the applicant meets the eligibility criteria, however, the assistance offered by our team will help the applicant make sure that he submits all of the needed documents. 

Our lawyers in Panama specializing in relocation matters can answer any questions about this process if you intend to move to the country. Discussing your options with a team who specializes in immigration to Panama is advisable in all cases, whether you are planning on relocating here for business purposes or for retirement. Understanding the conditions is easier with our help.

Many foreign investors are interested in knowing more about how to structure an international trade company in Panama or a business that provides international services (as opposed to services for Panamanian clients, due to the taxation advantages). Our team will provide the needed legal assistance and advice as well as answer any question related to the laws for international trade and the administrative laws that are relevant to the business in question.

Our team of attorneys is also able to assist foreign investors in Panama who are in need of assistance for litigation. With considerable experience in civil litigation, commercial lawsuits and various administrative and real estate cases, our team is able to guide you through the stages of solving any given dispute. While negotiation is preferable to court litigation, and out team will strive to avoid a mandatory lawsuit for our client, we are prepared to find the most suitable solution, given a particular case. We represent both domestic and international companies and are also able to assist those who are interested in alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration or mediation. 

When foreign investors choose to open a company in Panama they are likely to be interested in the local Labor Law, as such, legal assistance can be purposeful and our team is able to both answer the needed questions as well as assist in drawing up the documents required to hire local or foreign employees in Panama. The minimum employment conditions, as well as any other specifically agreed upon teams, are to be included in the written agreement. Companies with more than 20 employees are required to create a work committee which will have the role of attending to worker’s claims. Employees are protected against discrimination in Panama and our lawyers can provide more details on other applicable rights.

Real estate investment is another area of interest for foreign investors in Panama and at our law firm we have assisted a number of individuals who were interested in real estate purchases of all sizes. Our practice targets all types of property and we are able to address real estate issues that are related to residential or commercial purposes as well as provide legal aid during complex investment projects in this area. While foreign individuals or companies are not prohibited from buying property, there are certain restrictions to the location of the property that is to be purchased. Our team of lawyers can give you complete information if you are interested in buying property as well as perform a complete due diligence of the property – a mandatory step that will ensure the verity of the purchase. One of our lawyers in Panama can assist with the title search performed with the Public Registry Office as well as drafting the Purchase Agreement and handling any other needed steps.


Investments in Panama

Investors who choose to open a company in Panama enjoy a welcoming business climate, the ability to structure the legal entity for a variety of business purposes as well as have access to a significantly advantageous taxation regime in which the company is not taxed on the income it derives from outside the jurisdiction – making the location particularly valuable for basing a company that engages in international trade or that offers services beyond the borders of Panama. The accounting principles and reporting requirements can be easily followed when helped by a team of accountants in Panama.

As previously stated by our lawyers, the general company formation process is a simple one and there is no need to be present in the country during the entire duration. This is why our company formation packages can also include legal representation through a power of attorney, as needed. Moreover, once the business is registered, the owners will be able to hold the Board meetings anywhere they see fit, as they are not constrained to be present in Panama. The local laws allow for a satisfactory level of investor confidentiality and those who wish to know more about the common confidentiality practices and available options can reach out to our lawyers in Panama.

There are no exchange controls in Panama, no nationality restrictions (meaning that company directors and shareholders are not constrained to become residents, they can live in any other country), there are flexible capital requirements (there is no pre-determined minimum share capital requirement that needs to be observed) and, in general, an offshore company in Panama can be structured to allow for a high level of asset protection.  

Incorporating an offshore company in Panama has many advantages for investors and our team of lawyers in Panama is ready to provide the needed legal assistance so that the business can start trading as soon as possible and the investors can rest assured that their legal entity complies with all the applicable laws.

The following video offers more information about our services:

According to the Panama Public Register, 757 anonymous companies were registered in June 2020. Other data shows the following:

  • – 1,133 anonymous companies were registered in January 2020, the largest per month number of new registered companies of this type in the first half of the year;
  • – 9 foreign companies were registered in March 2020 and only 4 in June;
  • – 14 civil companies were registered in January compared to 15 in June; the number of legal persons registered in the first month of the year of 32 compared to 3 in June 2020.

Our team of lawyers in Panama can provide you with specialized legal services needed to incorporate any of these business forms. We specialize in all legal matters concerning Panama offshore company formation as well as the creation of trusts or foundations. We can help investors who are interested in din knowing more about specific laws and regulations and we can help with legal representation whenever needed.

Contact us if you want to open a company in Panama and are in need of professional legal services. 

Reach out to our immigration lawyers in Panama if you have questions about relocating to the country.

Panama has several residency programs that can be attractive to foreign investors, as well as other categories of foreign nationals, such as retired individuals. Our team can give you complete details about your intended residence permit in Panama, along with details about the general application process and the estimated application processing duration. You can reach out to us for details about the residency programs.