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Trademark Registration in Panama

Trademark Registration in Panama

Trademark registration in Panama
 takes place with the General Directorate of Industrial Property of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries. 

Our team provides complete assistance during this process, as well as with related issued.

Trademark registrations are territorial, this means that the protection is achieved in the territory of Panama only, so there is no international protection.

The geographic location of Panama attracts people to set up companies in this country because they can easily export their products due to the presence of the highest-ranking ports in the world, and the low cost of labor in Panama.

These facilities create tough competition and the trademark registration in Panama has become vital to reduce the chances of counterfeiting in the market. 

Our consultants in Panama can assist you in setting up a company in Panama and also regarding its trademark registration obligations

 Quick Facts  
Types of trademarks

Trademark, collective mark, service mark,
3D mark

Multiple class application 


Pre-application trademark availability verification

Language of the trademark application 


Minimum filing requirements Application form, mark representation, product classification for which the mark will be used, information about the legal or natural person making the submission
Mandatory trademark representation


Trademark registration fee in Panama

Approx. € 142 (PAB 140.50)

Time needed to complete the trademark registration in Panama (approx.) 8 months
Trademark application through local representative Possible when duly appointed for the purpose of trademark registration in Panama
Power of attorney requirements Drawn up in Spanish for the individual who will represent the mark owner
Opposition period 2 months
Trademark validity 10 years
Trademark renewal conditions

Renewal form, renewal fee

Conditions to revoke the trademark in Panama Null mark, cancelled registration
Assistance for trademark
registration in Panama
Our team provides complete assistance for mark registrations with DIGERPI in Panama

Our immigration lawyers in Panama can also answer your questions if you wish to relocate here.

You can reach out to us as soon as you decide to relocate to Panama so that we can provide you with complete details about the available types of permits. There are several routes to residency in Panama and out team can explain these according to your intended purpose of stay. The country has special programmes for investors, as well as retirement, and we can give you details as needed.

What are the types of trademarks in Panama? 

These are some kinds of trademarks that a company holder can apply for in Panama:

  • – Collective;
  • – Commercial names and associations;
  • – Propaganda signs and expressions;
  • – Products and services;

Each trademark is registered by the Nice classification and the applicant must classify the nature of the item he/she wants to protect. In Panama, the applicant can register names, words, slogans, flavors, colors, designs, images, scents, and shapes for a trademark.

If you are planning to open a company, you can rely on the services of our company formation experts for its trademark registration in Panama.

Application procedure for registering a trademark in Panama

To carry out trademark registration in Panama, the applicant needs to appoint a power of attorney.

The applicant will provide a sworn affidavit outlining the details of how he/she intends to use the trademarked item.

They will also provide a list of items that need to be trademarked and include at least three branded samples of the trademark with the application. In the end, the applicant will provide the certification of the registered trademark.

It should be noted that if the trademark is registered in another country, then it must be notarized, and apostilled by the concerned country’s local Consulate of Panama.

The trademark application form includes certain specific and important details about the applicant, for example:

  1. The name, address and nationality of the applicant; additionally, for legal persons, the date of corporate registration, and/or place of incorporation, as applicable;
  2. The name and address of the legal representative and, when applicable, the registration reference in for the power of attorney;
  3. The designation of a domicile in the Republic of Panama in case of applicants domiciled abroad, for purposes of receiving administrative or judicial notices related to the brand;
  4. The name and/or design of the mark, as it will be used in the market;
  5. The products or services for which the trademark is to be registered, in accordance with the Nice Agreement, indicating the number of the class or classes;
  6. When a right of priority has been claimed, the supporting documents are also presented, as specified by the national laws and in accordance with the international agreements ratified by Panama.

In addition to these documents, as well as the power of attorney and the representation of the trademark, the applicant will also attach any translations of the mark, or parts thereof, if needed.

The application will also include a statement to indicate the use of color(s) as distinctive characteristics of the mark, of applicable.

In Panama, trademarks are registered for 5 to 10 years and they can be renewed after their expiration. This registration in Panama costs around US$140.50 per category in which the applicant wants the trademark to be registered.

For each additional class of protection, the applicant will be required to pat 112 Balboas.

The trademark registration in Panama can take up to 8 months and the trademark is registered with the date from when the trademark registration application was started.

The renewal fee is 134 Balboas for each registered class.

Please keep in mind that the prices for trademark registration and renewal listed above should be used for information purposes only, as they can be subject to change.

You can get legal help from our Panama offshore company formation specialists for setting up an offshore company and its trademark registration.

There is no mandatory requirement for immigration to Panama for trademark protection applicants.

Trademark registration of intellectual property in Panama

It is safe to incorporate a company in Panama since Panama has joined the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), an organization that promulgates the practices for the protection of intellectual property within the territories.

This is empowering local businesses to come up with profitable ideas and inventions as Panama seems to demonstrate a commitment regarding developing its local intellectual property protection standards.

Internationally accepted alike IP standards have brought easiness for the businesses to seek the same trademarks for their products in foreign countries also.

As Panama is a member of WIPO, it has become very easy for the businesses expanding abroad to tackle vastly different IP registration systems.

Undoubtedly, Panama is a worth investing state for the investors. Get in touch with our Panama incorporation specialists for setting up your company and registering a trademark in this country.

If you are interested in other matters, our team can also give you information on the conditions to remain in Panama for long periods of time to run your business. If you have spent a minimum number of years in the country, you can also consider applying for citizenship in Panama. The naturalization process is based on several conditions, which can be detailed by our team.

Other types of IP rights in Panama

Although trademark registration is one of the most commonly used service, the Industrial Property Department also allows applicants to register for other intellectual property rights.

Business owners can also subject a registration for the protection of a geographical indication or indication of source or appellation.

The following information in included in the application submitted to DIGERPI:

  1. The name, place of incorporation and registration data for the legal person submitting the application and, when applicable, those of its legal representative;
  2. The geographical indication or indication of source or appellation;
  3. The geographical area of ​​production, extraction, transformation or manufacturing of the product that will be distinguished with the indication or denomination, delimiting it to the geographical characteristics and the political-administrative division of the country;
  4. The product or products that will be distinguished by the indication or denomination requested, as well as a review of the its essential characteristics or qualities;
  5. A technical study, which provides background, in the sense that the characteristics or qualities attributed to the product are attributable fundamentally or exclusively to its geographical origin;
  6. A draft specific regulation for the use and control of the geographical indication or indication of source or appellation;
  7. Fee and surcharges proof of payment, in most cases 236.50 Balboas (a fee that can be subject to change).

Incase of requests for geographical indication, origin or foreign denomination of origin, the application must also be accompanied by a certification, record or similar document for the protection of the aforementioned right in its country of origin.

Why is trademark registration is important?

Trademark registration in Panama is the only legal way to get legal rights over your trademark and it also provides legal protection.

Below, we summarize the most important reasons why business owners should take into account trademark registration in Panama:

  • – If your trademark is registered, this step will discourage others to use your trademark for any purpose. If anyone counterfeits your trademark, you can file a legal suit against him and also claim compensation for unauthorized use.
  • – Trademarks are an important asset for the business and the more the company grows, so will the value of the brand;
  • – A unique identifier will help clients find the business and differentiate it from competitors; moreover, a registered mark can also be used for social media purposes, as branding is important across all platforms;
  • – The trademark will be permanent, as long as the owner complies with the requirements for its renewal; renewal is not burdensome, as it is done for long periods each time. 

Investors interested in immigration to Panama for business creation should consider the importance of trademark registration.

Trademark applications class count in Panama (2016-2019)

Here is a table representation of number of classes specified in trademark registration in Panama


You can contact our Panama company formation experts for your trademark registration and company formation without any hesitation.

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Our team assists clients with other services, such as those related to immigration to Panama. We can answer questions about temporary and permanent residence, the general visa or residence permit application process, and any special conditions that may be in place for citizens of certain countries. You can reach out to our team as soon as you decide to apply for a visa.